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LSC Industrial introduces two revolutionary powerline brackets in Bonnyville that could make pole erection and securement jobs easier. They are named as Butt-Trust (Buttress) Pole bracket and Pole Buoy bracket. We hold an inventory of both brackets.

The Butt-Trust (Buttress) Pole bracket and Pole Buoy bracket are easy-to-use pole attachments that can be installed during the initial pole setting process utilizing the same basic tools and equipment that utility workers regularly use on their work sites. The Butt-Trust Pole bracket is meant to replace conventional guy wires helix anchors on poles in applications where lateral and linear stability is compromised due to poor soil stability conditions. The Pole Buoy is meant to replace bucket piles on larger diameter lines

Butt-Trust (Buttress) Pole Bracket:

This is used in conjunction with screw piles. This product effectively provides the same base strength as a pole that is set in dry compactable clay.

Pole Buoy Bracket:

This is used in conjunction with screw piles which replaces the clay base at the bottom of the pole, used for vertical support.

Here are some of the major advantages of our new powerline brackets:

  • Efficiency: Butt-Trust and Pole Buoy bracket assemblies have been proven in the field to reduce pole stabilization work time by upwards of 60 percent – major cost savings.
  • Simplicity: The tools required to install the brackets are the same as the conventional tools that utility workers would normally have when setting poles. Installation of one of these would require less labour than the installation of two side guy anchors and without the labour of wrench retrieval involved.
  • Adaptability: If the soil is loose at the bottom of the pole hole, the buttress pile can be used in conjunction with a second foundation anchor attached to the pole to provide the vertical support. This will also provide significant linear support at the pole base in this application.
  • Space-Saving: The required footprint for a three-pile application would only be 2 meters diameter and therefore would provide additional valuable space where row needs to be kept to a minimum (besides a road). Conventional guy wire requires a minimum of a 12-meter diameter footprint (two opposing 6 meters guy wires).


The installation methods range from a single Butt-Trust bracket for clay like soil simulation to a 3-bracket assembly used in conjunction with the Pole Buoy. The latter assembly is an arrangement applicable on larger diameter poles where the foundation and lateral support are major issues.

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