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LSC Industrial Provides Screw Piling Options in Bonnyville


We offer driven and screw pile supply and installation, providing an easy solution with minimal disturbance and can handle 2 inch-20 inch diameter screw piles up to 18 meters in length. LSC also provides screw pile fabrication along with installation services and offers screw pile, helix and flighting sales for all pile lengths and diameters

We are committed to providing exceptional service and getting the job done right the first time. That’s why we make use of superior quality screw pile products that provide all the advantages you’re looking for. Our years of expertise in the oil and gas industry allow us to provide you with the service you need.

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LSC Industrial Anchoring Systems

  • Screw piles are installed with minimal disturbance

  • Hammered piles are extremely loud and disruptive, often setting off sensitive instrumentation and plant alarms

  • Screw piles are easy to remove and reuse

  • Screw piles have an instant engineered rating the minute we disconnect

Potential Advantages of Using Screw Piles and Helical Anchors

  1. Rapid installation

  2. Immediate load-carrying capability

  3. Minimal site disturbance

  4. Installation monitoring and verification of load capacity during installation

  5. Installation at remote locations or at sites with limited access

  6. Installation in high groundwater conditions

  7. Easy installation on a batter

  8. Simple field modifications to increase load capacity (torque to needed rating)

  9. Wide range of soil and load applications (install in water or hard clay)

  10. Low carbon footprint – sustainable technology (removable)

  11. Modular construction

Past Projects

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